Why Do Air Conditioners Freeze Up?

May 13, 2021
man working on ac system

Air conditioners freezing up is a pretty common occurrence. While this is often because of user error, there are other reasons this can occur. A sign this has happened is that warm air is coming out of your vents. You’ll likely see ice on the evaporator coils if you open their compartment.

Why Does Freezing Up Happen?

You can thank the Joule-Thomson Effect for your air conditioner freezing up. This effect causes the refrigerant in your air conditioning system to get too cold when the system malfunctions. The result is the evaporator coils fall below freezing and then get iced over.

Blocked Airflow

Air conditioners need a constant flow of air to operate correctly. When there isn’t sufficient airflow, humidity settles on the evaporator coils and turns to ice. The biggest reason there isn’t sufficient airflow is that the filters are dirty from dust and other debris.

You should inspect and replace your HVAC system’s air filters regularly. Otherwise, they get too dirty and eventually block airflow. Air filters are inexpensive, and replacing them regularly helps your air conditioner operate at peak efficiency.

Mechanical Problems

Other causes of air conditioners freezing up are mechanical problems. These include refrigerant leaks and broken fan motors. When refrigerant gets too low, it freezes. There isn’t sufficient airflow when a fan stops spinning. You’ll need a professional HVAC technician to solve these problems.

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