Signs Your AC is Malfunctioning

April 17, 2020

Air conditioning is something most people take for granted. They usually don’t notice there’s an issue until it’s too late and they’re sitting in a sweltering house in the middle of July. Of course, when it completely stops working, it’s easy to tell there’s a problem. The following are some signs that you ought to have your air conditioner looked at as soon as possible.

Weak Air Flow

If you hold your hands up to the vents and it feels as though the airstream is weaker than usual, several factors could be at fault. Commonly, this is caused by a clogged air filter or a failing compressor. The sooner you have this looked at, the better.

Thermostat Issues

Both the condition and placement of your thermostat can have a big effect on the efficiency and reliability of your cooling system. Make sure your thermostat is not placed in direct sunlight because that could cause it to read the room as hotter than it actually is, forcing the air conditioner to overwork.

Consider updating your air conditioner to a newer model. Some of them have a zone feature so you only cool the parts of the home that need it. Others let you set your system to an automatic timer. These features improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, helping it to last as long as possible.


Check your air conditioning unit periodically to ensure moisture or leakage isn’t occurring. A small leak can be a sign of a huge problem coming in the future. If refrigerant is escaping, it could be a health risk to your family.

Strange Sounds or Odors

Don’t take a strange sound or odor lightly. Odd noises imply that a mechanical problem is occurring. If you hear squealing, there could be an issue with one of the belts. If you hear grinding, the problem could be in the motor somewhere. A foul odor might mean there is a serious leak of harmful chemicals.

Rely on Trustworthy Professionals

If you suspect your air conditioner in the Abbeville area is having problems but you aren’t sure, call F & R Air Conditioning, Inc. today. We’ve been serving local customers for more than 60 years, and you can count on us for cooling or heating repairs, installations and maintenance. We also offer new construction/remodels, indoor air quality services, sheet metal work, and light commercial services.

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