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Improving Indoor Air Quality

NATE certified HVAC technicians in Abbeville, LA & the Surrounding AreasFor over 65 years and counting, F & R Air Conditioning, Inc. has been in business providing legendary services, and we have a A+ BBB to prove it! Our HVAC team is proud to bring that same level of quality to our indoor air quality services for Vermilion Parish and Lafayette Parish.

We don’t stop at being the best in air conditioning services, because we understand that having great home indoor air quality isn’t just desirable, it’s necessary for your health! Thankfully, our NATE-certified technicians can help you improve your home air quality by inspecting your place of living and suggesting ways to make your home a healthier and happier place to be!

Residential Indoor Air Quality Services We Offer:

The Importance of Good Home Indoor Air Quality

Lennox DehumidifierThe dangers of poor indoor home air quality are very real. Poor air quality conditions can cause all sorts of problems for your health, including headaches, worsening allergies, dizziness, fatigue, or even Sick Building Syndrome. It doesn’t just have to been obvious things like secondhand tobacco smoke that decrease the quality of indoor air, either.

Things like elevated humidity levels can cause mold, or simple household products like dryer sheets can cause a poor air quality environment if not properly adjusted for. Other issues like gas leaks, asbestos, or chemicals released from cleaning products can lead to disease and illness without the necessary ventilation and air treatment. With so much time spent in your home, it’s extremely important for your health to ensure that the quality of the air is top notch!

Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Humidity Control
  • Removing Pollutants

Improving Home Air Quality

Concerned about your home air quality? Let us help!

Lennox PureAir Air Purification System.We can inspect your home and provide you with valuable feedback about your air quality, and suggest ways to improve it so you can have safe, breathable air and avoid any poor air quality-related illnesses or side effects. F & R Air Conditioning, Inc. offers a range of home air quality services, from dehumidifiers and air purification systems to air cleaners and UV lights.

Having the right range of humidity in your home can stop the growth of mold, and air purifiers can help remove harmful airborne pollutants that pose a serious risk to your health. Don’t wait until you see the effects of poor indoor air quality, schedule an appointment and let us help you stay healthy and comfortable!

Over 65 Years of Dependability

F & R Air Conditioning, Inc. wants you to be healthy and happy, and that all starts with having a safe living environment. We’ll help you improve your home air quality to make sure where you live is pollutant-free so you can rest easy.

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