HVAC Tune-Up Checklist: 5 Essentials

February 20, 2023
HVAC Tune up in Abbeville, LA.

Scheduling routine HVAC tune-ups for your unit will help keep your system performing optimally. That being said, you might not know what is actually done during a tune-up. Read on for some of the most common things you’ll find a professional doing as part of your HVAC tune-up.

1. Inspect Filters

Inspecting the filters is one of the most common activities during a tune-up. While you’re responsible for changing your filters on a regular basis, during a tone-up, your technician will still take a look at the current filter and replace it if necessary. In the case of reusable filters, they’ll clean them or recommend replacement if there is too much wear and tear.

2. Inspect Ductwork

A professional will inspect all visible ductwork in your home. They will look for gaps, tears, disconnections and other signs throughout your ductwork, paying extra attention to any areas that may have been taped over with duct tape. If the technician finds issues, they’ll recommend repairing and/or resealing.

3. Check Electrical Components

HVAC systems have multiple electrical components, including thermostats, capacitors and motors. These components can become faulty, old and/or loose with time. A professional will repair or replace damaged parts. They will also tighten loose electrical connections if needed.

4. Test Refrigerant Levels

Another important thing an HVAC technician will do during a tune-up is to test your system’s refrigerant levels. The refrigerant cools the air that circulates in your indoor space. Your unit will need a refill if the level is too low. The technician will also look for possible leaks and fix them.

5. Clean the Housing

An HVAC tune-up also includes cleaning your unit’s housing. A professional will clean dirt and other debris accumulated on the exterior parts of your system. They will also assess your drain lines to eliminate clogs and repair damaged sections.

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