A Ductless AC in Youngsville, LA could improve the quality of your life and the life of your family members. Many homeowners are turning to a ductless mini-split system to keep their homes cool. It avoids the hassle that comes with ductwork and provides a number of benefits, which we’ll outline below.

    Ductless Air Conditioner in Youngsville, LA.

    Ductless air conditioners are similar to the ducted kind in some respects. They’re heat pumps, which transfer heat away from your home and expel it outside through the compressor. However, they differ from the ducted kind in several ways. The air handler in a mini-split system is more compact, and it’s normally hung on the wall of the room you wish to cool. The piping for refrigerant will also be narrower and only require a hole three inches in diameter to pass through the wall.

    Installing a Ductless AC

    Once you decide to install a ductless air conditioner, you’ll be surprised at how smoothly the process goes. You’ll discover air handlers that don’t clash with the colors and style of your rooms, and if you don’t want one on the wall, you have the option of hanging it from the ceiling. As for the compressor, it’s a bulky unit, but you could put it in an out-of-the-way place since it can be separated by as much as 50 feet from the air handler.

    Installing a Ductless AC

    The main benefits of a ductless mini-split, however, include the following.
    • Energy-efficient performance
    • Lower monthly utility bills
    • The possibility of multi-zone cooling
    • Directional airflow and ease of control

    The problem with ducted systems is that much of the cool air seeps outs of leaks and holes before it even reaches your rooms. Mini-splits avert this issue altogether. All your cool air stays in your room, and directional airflow lets that air blow right onto you. Since each mini-split has its own thermostat, you can switch it off when the room isn’t occupied. This contributes to your overall financial savings.

    Because you set them to different temperatures, zoning becomes a reality when you own more than one mini-split. We all feel that a particular temperature is more comfortable than others, and mini-splits are able to accommodate this preference.

    Youngsville’s Ductless AC Mini-Split Providers

    Youngsville's Ductless AC Mini-Split ProvidersF & R Air Conditioning, Inc. opened back in 1956, and we’ve grown to become a trusted name in Youngsville. We’re located in Abbeville on South John M. Hardy Drive, not far from Youngs.

    Ours is a third-generation family-owned and operated company that deals in major brands like Ruud, Trane, Mitsubishi, and Lennox. Our NATE-certified technicians have been factory-trained to work with these brands, and they can handle all makes and models.

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