What Can You Do About Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

November 18, 2022
Furnace Issues in Abbeville, LA

The last thing you want is for your furnace to blow cold instead of warm air. There are several reasons why this may be the case. While a few reasons can be fixed yourself, you’ll usually need to call an HVAC company.

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

Since thermostats are easily accessible to anyone in your home, their settings may have been changed without your knowledge. Check the fan setting and make sure it’s set to “AUTO” rather than “ON.” When it is set to “ON,” the blower fan will run constantly regardless of whether your furnace is off or on. This means it blows cold air whenever the furnace is off.

Overheated Furnace

When your furnace overheats, there is a safety mechanism that shuts it down. The main reason a furnace will overheat is a clogged air filter. Look at the filter and replace it if it appears dirty.

Leaky Air Ducts

The problem may be leaky air ducts rather than an issue with the furnace itself. Warm air produced by your furnace is leaking out of the air ducts instead of reaching your home. Call an HVAC company to inspect and seal your ductwork.

Clogged Condensate Line

High-efficiency furnaces have a condensate line that removes moisture from them. If it’s clogged, your furnace won’t turn on, and cold air will come out of your vents. An HVAC technician can clear the line.

Dirty Flame Sensor

Your furnace has a flame sensor that can become covered with dirt and grime. When this occurs, the burner will come on and then soon shut off. You can solve this problem by scheduling preventative maintenance for your furnace every fall.

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