At F & R Air Conditioning, Inc., we proudly offer outstanding HVAC services and Indoor Air Quality throughout Youngsville, LA, and the surrounding areas. Poor residential indoor air can lead to an array of health issues and needs to be addressed professionally and promptly. A variety of contaminants can build up inside of your home and circulate throughout your space.

Indoor Air Quality in Youngsville, LA

Particulates, volatile organic compounds, viruses, mold, and bacteria can all be airborne. When they get inhaled, they can make you sick. There are several options for removing contaminants from the air. Filters, purifiers, and air scrubbers are all highly effective at cleaning indoor air. UV lights can be used to deactivate the DNA of mold, bacteria, and viruses so that they can’t reproduce and make you sick.

Indoor Air Quality You Can Trust

As part of an air quality system, it’s important to consider the humidity in your home. Having the right level of moisture in the air can make your home a more comfortable place to spend time and to reduce your energy bills. An expert can help you decide if a dehumidification system would be right for your space.

Lennox Dehumidifier

Indoor air pollution can come from an array of sources.
  • Dander From Pets
  • Cooking oils and fumes
  • Candle soot and paints
  • Furniture and carpets

Keeping the air ducts in your home clean can help reduce the circulation of air contaminants. Ducts should be professionally cleaned every three to five years. In dusty environments, more frequent cleaning could be beneficial. Keeping the air in your home clean can give you peace of mind about spending time in your space.

Youngville’s Residential Indoor Air Quality Experts

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