How Often Does a Gas Heater Need to Be Serviced?

December 3, 2020

Ideally, you should have your gas heater serviced at least once per year. Doing so can help ensure it runs at peak efficiency and is free of defects that could reduce its useful lifespan. Here are the reasons you should give your unit an annual tune-up.How Often Does A Gas Heater Need to be Serviced

You Can’t Always Detect Gas Leaks on Your Own

A broken gas line may allow carbon monoxide or other potentially dangerous chemicals to leak into your home. Exposure to these or other toxic materials could cause health issues ranging from consistent headaches to death. You may also experience changes in mood or behavior that might put a strain on personal or professional relationships.

If gas isn’t allowed to vent properly, it could increase the risk of an explosion within your home. Fortunately, the folks at F & R Air Conditioning, Inc. in Abbeville, LA, can inspect and repair gas heaters and other HVAC components within your home.

A Clean Heater Lasts Longer Than a Dirty Heater

Over time, a gas furnace will likely become covered in dust, dirt, and other particles. In many cases, dirt and dust will find its way inside of the furnace, and this can force fan and motor blades to work harder than they need to. Ultimately, these parts will need to be repaired or replaced frequently during their useful life.

There is also a chance that a broken motor, fan blade, or another component inside of your furnace could cause secondary damage. Depending on the scope of the damage, you might have to replace the entire unit years ahead of schedule. By scheduling annual gas heater inspections, you can keep a furnace clean and fix minor problems before they become larger ones.

If you want to reduce your household energy bills while keeping your property in safe living condition, give the professionals at F & R Air Conditioning, Inc. a call today for furnace maintenance! In addition to heating and cooling services, our technicians can also perform indoor air quality assessments.

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