Benefits of Ductless Heating Systems

December 17, 2019

Once your old heater is at the end of its lifespan, it’s well worth considering switching to a ductless heating system. The installation of a ductless system is faster than that of a traditional heating system. Within a day, we can have the new unit up and running. Ductless heating systems are also energy-efficient and effective at filtering air.

Save Money on Overall Costs

Ductless heating systems are usually less expensive overall than ducted forced-air systems. They don’t experience the same air loss that ducted systems naturally do. Consequently, it will cost less to heat your home.

Another way a ductless heating system saves money is by allowing you to adjust the temperature of a given room. You can keep rooms that you don’t often use a few degrees cooler to save on your energy bill.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Many ductless heating systems feature multi-filtration to purify the air that’s circulated throughout your home. This decreases the presence of allergens, dust, bacteria, and other air pollutants. Because air doesn’t need to travel through ducts before entering the rooms in your home, it doesn’t have a chance to pick up additional pollutants and irritants along the way.

F & R Air Conditioning, Inc. has high-quality Mitsubishi ductless systems available for installation in Abbeville, LA, and the surrounding areas. We offer specials throughout the year to help you save money.

Flexibility in Installment

Even if you currently have a ducted heating system installed, you can switch to a ductless system. You don’t need to rebuild walls or ceilings to have a ductless heating system put in. There is a small unit installation outside, as well as the installation of one or more units inside the home. Indoor units can be placed almost anywhere, and they only require a 3-inch hole for mounting. Ductless heating systems can also put into apartments and condos.

F & R Air Conditioning, Inc. is a Lennox Premier Dealer you can trust for projects in and around Abbeville. In addition to the installation of new heating systems, we offer heating repair, heating maintenance, AC installation, AC maintenance, AC repair, indoor air quality services, and custom sheet metal fabrication for both residential and commercial clients. Contact us today for help in finding the right heating system for your needs.

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